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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Sat Jan 10, 2009 7:01 am

Hacking & Bug Abuse

We do not tolerate hacking or abuse of any sort. If caught, you will instantly be banned from our servers & forums.


Items that are on the ground do not belong to you until you've picked them up. Our staff does not have the time it would require to baby sit each and every player in-game to avoid drop stealing.

Item & Account Sharing

Those players who choose to share accounts & characters have put themselves at risk to lose them. We do not replace stolen accounts or items. We highly recommend you keep your items & accounts to yourselves. In no way is this to give you permission to steal from another player on our server. Those who scam an item or an account will be
dealt with.


This will result in an instant mute. If a player becomes a problem ro where he or she spams on a regular basis, BI bans & further actions can be taken. No warnings will be given.


Begging a staff member for any sort of item, or in-game currency will result in mutes, and BI bans. If it continues, further actions will be taken. No warnings will be given.


Players who beg GMs for events can get muted without warning. GMs will give events when they are ready to give them. Any player who breaks a rule during an event will be killed on the spot, or teleported away, and will not be given re-entry to the event.


We understand the difference between being competative & being racists or harassing players, and we expect you to know the same. Mutes will be awarded to those who feel the need to be racists or harass players, and eventually this can lead to bans. We host a free server for the public, lets keep it clean and have fun.


Advertising of other private Helbreath servers will result in mutes & highly possible IP bans, if the advertising gets out of hand after the initial mute. Advertising on forums
will result in an instant ban from web site & forums.

EK Lamming / Lame EK

We do not tolerate EK laming at all. If you are caught laming a single EK, you will lose all your hero pieces, all your EKs, and your rep will be wiped to 0. You will also receive a 3 day ban on the character caught laming EKs for first offense, 10 days for 2nd,
3rd is deletion of character. We check logs everyday. If you get caughted, don't cry about it, you should have thought about it before you did it.

DK Items

DK items contain a unique ID number that are bound to the character who acquires the item by using the /getdkset command in city hall. Having DK items that are originally
obtained by a different character, can cause server problems, like map crashes for example. Players are not to use DK items from other character. If I see you using DK from other characters, We will remove them. If it happens again, we will give out BI bans. If you cause map crashes because of the DK items you have, off of other characters, We will instantly delete your character, and it wll not be retrieved.
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Server Rules
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